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Fossflakes Pillow and Duvet

The perfect gift

Make your partner happy with our customer favorites Fossflakes Autumn 140x200 and Fossflakes Medium-High. It is the perfect gift for both men and women. 

This Valentines gift basket includes:

1x Fossflakes Medium-High Pillow

1x Fossflakes Autumn Duvet 140x200 



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Nordic Sleep by Fossflakes

Scandinavians want a lot from life. We want simplicity, beauty and comfort, at night as well as during the day, and we are continually working to develop and perfect this lifestyle. It has meant adapting to the Northern climate in all its awesome variations - even sleep follows the seasons in the Nordic countries.

Fossflakes Autumn Duvet

The Fossflakes Duvet drapes effortlessly around your body while you sleep and keeps a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Temperature regulating properties ensure that the duvet stays warm, but not unpleasantly so.

The filling is a blend of small, light Fossflakes and polyester ball fibres. This blend ensures a duvet that retains its volume year after year.

The ticking is made of 100% cotton cambric with tightly woven, smooth surface.

Fossflakes Medium-High Pillow

A generous pillow offering perfect support for your head and neck.

The Medium High pillow is firmer and more supportive, offering perfect comfort for side sleepers. 

Enjoy a sensuous comfort that lasts and lasts, thanks to the special blend of the unique Fossflakes and soft polyester ball fibres which give the pillow its very special properties, allowing it to retain its bounce and volume for much longer than traditional pillows.


Fossflakes recommends washing your Fossflakes products three to four times a year at 60°C. Not only will washing at a high temperature keep them clean and free of allergens, it helps maintain the volume and loft of your Fossflakes products.

Even with repeated machine washing and drying, rest assured that your Fossflakes products will not become lumpy or change its excellent properties.