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Fossflakes PerfectNeck

Perfect support for your head and neck

Painful tension in the neck and back area is often caused by the wrong kind of pillow and incorrect sleeping positions. The Fossflakes PerfectNeck has the correct anatomical shape and combines the best of all characteristics and functions of the ideal pillow. 

  • Designed with 4 different zones for optimal support

  • The shape of the pillow ensures a correct position

  • Helps aligning your head with your neck, shoulders and back

  • Makes is easier to find a better and healthier sleeping position

  • Cell pur foam in the lower zone


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The Fossflakes PerfectNeck is an ergonomic 4-zone support pillow helping you find a better sleeping position with superior support for your neck and upper back. Through several years of research we have found the correct optimal anatomical shape.

The Fossflakes PerfectNeck pillow contains two types of filling material. The Fossflakes Superior blend in the upper three support zones and Cellpur foam in the lower four zone.

MATERIAL: The foam is Cellpur® with excellent moisture absorption produced by the company Eurofoam.

Cellpur foam has an open cell structure and is dimensionally stable as well as highly elastic, breathable and air-permeable. Cellpur Foam absorbs moisture quickly and creates an optimal, dry sleeping climate.

Furthermore, Cellpur® has a high bearing capacity and long durability.

INGREDIENT: The foam contains natural Tencel® fibres, which makes the foam highly elastic and comfortable.

Tencel® is a new wood-based fibre technology produced in an environmentally friendly process that was awarded the European Environmental Prize.


  • Size: 57x49x11cm
  • Fill weight: 500g


Fossflakes PerfectNeck is a four zone ergonomic support pillow. Each zone is individually fitted with the optimal fill blend that maintains its support ability and volume over time.


Painful tension in the neck and back area is often caused by the wrong kind of pillow and incorrect sleeping positions. The Fossflakes® Perfect Neck pillow has the correct anatomical shape and combines the best of all characteristics and functions ideal for the pillow. It is designed for optimal support, no matter how you position yourself during the night - just as the shape of the pillow continuously secures a correct position.

Note: Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended since it is likely to give you neck and back tensions.

Zone 1-3 is a perfect 180 °C support for your head and neck when sleeping on your back and side.

Zone 4 contains a firmer Cellpur foam fill to ensure correct position of your neck, keeping it in alignment with your spine.


When lying on your back, your neckline is optimally supported. By resting your neck on its curvature and letting your head sink into the custom-made back-support zone of the Fossflakes Perfect Neck pillow, a slight stretch of the neck occurs in order to support the neck’s progressive curve optimally.


When lying on your side, your spine is ideally supported and kept straight – from the neck down to the back. The side chambers are designed to give your head a leveled and comfortable position while keeping your neck in alignment with your spine. When sleeping on your side, the neck must not curve so that it tilts either upward or downward.