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Fossflakes JuniorSkies Mattress Topper

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The Fossflakes JuniorSkies Mattress Topper provides support and comfort for children from the age of 5 months. It improves the comfort, usability and hygiene of a standard mattress. The junior mattress topper fits a standard IKEA junior bed size but is unique due to the breakthrough two-sided shell construction surrounding a core of breathable and 60°C washable Cellpur® Foam.

The casing is filled with Fossflakes Superior; one side is softer and warmer due to more filling material whereas the other side is firmer and cooler thanks to less filling material. A zipper connects the two shell sides making it possible to wash one side at a time. A 3 dimensional mesh (air gaps) above the zipper improves ventilation between the layers providing an even more breathable top mattress and ensuring that junior stays cool and dry during rest. Furthermore the dryer sleeping climate also improves hygiene.


  • Size: 120x60x3,5 cm 

The foam is Cellpur® with excellent moisture absorption produced by the company Eurofoam. Cellar foam is breathable thanks to an open cell structure and is dimensionally stable as well as highly elastic, breathable and air-permeable. Cell-pur Foam absorbs moisture quickly and creates an optimal, dry sleeping climate.

Furthermore, Cellpur® has a high bearing capacity and long durability. The foam contains natural Tencel® fibres, which makes the foam highly elastic and comfortable. Tencel® is a new wood-based fiber technology produced in an environmentally friendly process that was awarded the European Environmental Prize.


Air the product regularly. Leave outside for an hour or fluff to retain volume.


Easy to keep free of dust mites, wash foam core and shell at 60°C, tumble dry at max 60°C .