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Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper

A supportive mattress topper is one of the major factors for developing a strong back and the beginning of healthy motor development. The Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper has been designed by two renowned Danish chiropractors, Peter and Karina Gyrst. The ergonomic mattress topper is designed for infants 0 to 6 months as babies often sleep on a too-hard mattress, which makes it difficult for baby to move its neck. 

  • Makes its easier for baby to move their neck

  • Secven dynamic flexible squares 

  • Helps strengthen baby's neck muscles

  • A comfortable mattress topper for sleeping, resting and playing

  • Ensures that baby stays cool and comfortable

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The Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper has been developed by two well-respected Danish chiropractors, Peter and Karina Gyrst, in order to foster a natural infant motor development.

The ergonomic mattress topper is designed for infants naught to six months because babies often sleep on a mattress which is too hard and where hard surface makes it difficult for babies to move their neck. The Gyrst clinic has seen many cases of neck stiffening and flat occiputs due to bad sleeping positions on hard surfaces.

The result is Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper with seven dynamic flexible squares to support baby’s movements and help strengthen baby’s neck muscles. This is one of the major factors for developing a strong back and the beginning of healthy motor development.

The mattress topper filling has temperature regulating effect, ensuring that baby stays cool, dry and comfortable during rest. Place the Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper on top of baby’s ordinary mattress or bring it along and use it on the sofa after breast-feeding, in the stroller or under the play mat on the floor.

Is hypoallergenic and washable at 60°C, making it easy to keep it clean and free of dust mites.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified

Oeko-Tex is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice.

Certificate number: ZHHO 094172

Read more about the Oeko-Tex certification


  • Size: 31x80 cm
  • Weight: 360g

The Fossflakes Superior filling material provides a firm, yet soft and flexible surface for the new-born. This unique and patented filling material is a hypoallergenic blend of 70% Fossflakes Essentials (polyethylene) and 30% of the finest Fossfill polyester ball fibres. Shake the top mattress regularly to maintain its original soft shape, volume and support function.

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Small and handy

The Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper is easy to bring along. It will follow you and your baby everywhere in the first six months of baby’s life.

It is easy to carry and fits into baby carriers, stroller bassinet, in the car, on the play mat and even on your arms.

Designed by a chiropractor

Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper is developed and designed by chiropractors Karina and Peter Gyrst

Karina and Peter Gyrst are certified chiropractors from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa, USA.

They have many years’ experience as family chiropractors with a specific focus on children’s chiropractics. They practice in Odense and Nyborg, Denmark.

Tips for baby’s laying positions

Here are five tips for parents to create good laying and sleeping positions for babies.

Remember to turn the head

When your baby is laying on its back – remember to turn the head gently from side to side. Parents should be particularly observant if their baby has a favorite side.

Turn baby onto its stomach

In their waking hours, babies should lie on their stomach as much as possible. Babies can also lie on their side, but remember to vary their position in order to help prevent the back of the head from being deformed. Put a duvet against the back to provide support when baby is laying on the side.

Your own preferred side

Some parents carry the baby while it is laying on its stomach. But remember to change arms, as adults often also have a favored side. Particularly parents with children that cry for extended periods, it is a good idea to vary the baby’s laying position in Mum’s or Dad’s arms.

Move the cot

Try moving the cot to a new place in the bedroom. In this way the light sources and different sensory experiences which normally catch baby’s attention will come from new directions. This will encourage the child to turn its head away from its usual side.

Consider the mattress

A Fossflakes BabySkies Mattress Topper can be placed on top of the baby’s ordinary mattress. It is softer and supports the baby’s head, neck and back. The child’s neck will have no sudden twists because it lies on a lovely soft surface, where the head can sink into the mattress.